About Me

Hi, I’m Jon.

I’m a photographer, living in Bradford in the UK. Photography isn’t my day job, it’s something I do for fun. I really enjoy working with a model to create the images they want as well as improve my own portfolio and experience along the way. I generally work on a “time for” basis, what that means is that a model gives me their time to shoot and in return I give them some photos. So it usually works out well for everyone!

I specialise in Fitness, Bodybuilding and Fashion photography; mainly working with male models. I also get along to occasional events like bodybuilding shows and the BodyPower Expo and soak up some of the atmosphere with my camera. If you spot yourself in a picture, then do get in touch if you’re interested in a copy.

I publish my work here on skiptotheend.com and also on my Facebook Page, if you’re on Facebook then why not “Like” the page and then you’ll get updates and samples of my latest shoots straight to your Facebook news feed.

If you’re interested in modelling, then check out the Model? page for more information and then get in touch and we can talk.

Wondering about the name skiptotheend?, well for those who haven’t guessed, it’s a quote from one of the best pieces of British television in the past 20 years, Spaced. Specifically it’s about 2 minutes in to Episode 1 of Series 1, why not go off to Youtube and watch it, better still buy the DVD, every minute is comedy gold.

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